W4900 Passive House • Tilt & Turn Thermal Insulating System

W4900 Tilt & Turn Thermal Insulating System Innovative Concept with a passive house certification


The ALUMINCO W4900 aluminium window system has been certified by the Passive House Institute (PHI) in order to meet the high requirements of passive houses.

It incorporates all the well-known benefits of aluminium windows such as stability and high structural requirements with a superior level of thermal insulation value of Uw ≤ 0.78 W/m²K and the greatest possible degree of architectural design freedom.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique thermal insulation for aluminium windows in accordance with the passive house certification standard.
  • Innovative insulation system thanks to 54 mm polyamides offering Uf value = 0.76 W/m²K with 102 mm face width.
  • Increased sound reduction
  • Μulti-chamber central gasket that ensures optimum impermeability preventing energy loss.
  • Superior safety due to the multiple perimetric locking
  • Vast selection of profiles in straight and curved cross sections.
  • For all typologies of casements and patio doors.

Casement windows: 1Leaf – 2Leaf – 3Leaf – 4Leaf
Casement-awning windows: 1Leaf – 2Leaf
Fixed-picture windows