SL200 Sliding Thermal Break System

Sliding Thermal Insulating System for maximum space saving.

sl200 sxedia7

SL200 of ALUMINCO belongs to the generation of thermal insulation systems and provides maximum space savings, high aesthetic, exceptional performance and excellent functionality.

The special design of the system is based on the architectural trend that looks straight untied lines thus satisfying a wide range of requirements, both in existing and in new buildings.

The series uses the anti bi-metal polyamide, the only solution (especially in sliding units) in order to prevent warping caused by the differences in temperature between the outside and inside profiles.

SL200 adds higher performance characteristics in its category, with thermal insulation Uf from 2.1 W/m²K and sound reduction up to 26 dB.

Basic characteristics

  • Use of reinforced polyamides, PA66 GF25, 24 mm.
  • Minimum wall gap 100mm for triple rail configuration.
  • Fortified overlapping rails with mechanical corner connection for stronger constructions.
  • Special designed completely waterproof central adaptor with excellent functionality.
  • Excellent waterproofing and insulation using additional profiles to the hook profile section.
  • Use of Anti-bimetallic polyamide. Its usage reduces the distortion between the inner and outer aluminium profile.

Anti-bimetallic polyamide

A unique innovation intergrated to a unique sliding aluminium system.

Its usage reduces the distortion between the inner and outer aluminium profile due to possible temperature differences.