Roller Scorpion is a horizontal insect screen system suitable for French doors and windows. It represents the ideal insect screen solution for areas with intense wind loads. This barrier free system is characterized by the combination of a flat mesh, a windproof aluminum tube and a caterpillar. Equipped with rollers and a spring, it achieves a smooth and accurate retraction. Single type Roller Scorpion is available with magnet or latch closure. Double-doors closure exclusively with magnet.

The product is manufactured with PP mesh, in Black color. Grey color mesh is optional.

The maximum dimensions recommended are as follows:

Sashes Width Min / Max Height Min / Max
Single sash 50 cm / 180 cm 70 cm / 300 cm

*The above maximum dimensions relate only to single doors, the product can be manufactured as double as well.

*Manufacturing Height 20 cm bigger than Width is indispensable to obtain optimized function.