PVC System 88 MD en

PVC Frame System 88 MD

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This is the pioneering window for a new era: KÖMMERLING 88. Representative of the future in thermal insulation, pioneering in design, quality and reliability. With special uniqueness thanks to the modularity and the innovative upgrade technologies.

KÖMMERLING 88 is a system with high sealing thanks to the central sealing system of 7 chambers with a modern construction depth of 88 mm. The basic version of the system provides an excellent value U f 0.95 W / (m²K) and thus meets the high energy saving requirements for “passive” homes. But the special feature: Unlike similar solutions, this value is achieved with steel reinforcement in both the maximum sizes and the colored profiles.

However, the convincing features of this new generation of profiles are not only its energy-saving performance, but also its future-oriented architectural capabilities: The solid structure can take triple or state-of-the-art functional glazing up to 56 mm thick. KÖMMERLING 88 enables large glass surfaces for an attractive facade design with excellent sound insulation values. In addition, large window surfaces allow more solar energy to pass through – especially in cold seasons – thus minimizing energy needs and therefore CO2 emissions.

In addition to the classic white, the system has 88 sheets of paint – offering wood, plain and metallic colors – which are applied externally (white on the inside) or on both sides.

This system is also exemplary from an ecological point of view – KÖMMERLING is the first major producer in the world to produce profiles not only from recycled pure PVC-U windows but also exclusively from lead-free PVC with ecological stabilizers based on calcium and zinc. This guarantees that those who use KÖMMERLING products also work to protect the environment.

  • Aligned design with thin profiles that allow maximum amount of light and achieve high benefits from solar energy.
  • Ideal for “passive” homes as defined by the iFT directive: WA-15/2 – U f = 0.95 W / (m²K).
  • Wide range of glazing up to 56 mm for the installation of triple glazing and special functionality of glazing.
  • Reliable load transfer from high glazing weights to central steel reinforcement.
  • Extremely modern technology for excellent ease of operation and reliable functionality.
  • Easy to clean, durable and sturdy.
  • Classic white, coatings in wood, plain or metallic colors.
  • All PVC-U profiles are produced with lead-free zinc-based calcium and zinc stabilizers