PVC Frame System 76 MD en

PVC Frame System 76 MD

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The design is so innovative that despite the relatively narrow profile, it is possible to triple glazing with modern glazing. Thanks to the smart fastening techniques, a clean and correct installation follows. Replacing old windows with modern KÖMMERLING 76 windows is therefore a clean slate.

The new KÖMMERLING 76 series is not compatible but offers all the advantages of a modern window. From the design to the function, the physical construction and the insulation prices in relation to the protection of the environment and the preservation of the value, it meets not only the current future requirements.

Of course, KÖMMERLING 76 can use modern triple or special functional windows up to 48 mm thick. The result: On the one hand, the valuable heating energy is not lost and on the other hand, the solar heat enters the space through the large windows. It is impossible to save energy in a more beautiful and simple way.

The 5 chambers were designed with the most modern methods and provide high thermal and sound insulation, optimal stability and maximum lifting force for large loads (heavy glass)

  • High energy efficiency, double waterproofing system with a total depth of 76 mm
  • Excellent thermal insulation values: U f -value = 1.1 W / (m²K) already in its basic version of KÖMMERLING 76 MD
  • Optimal sound insulation up to 47 dB through innovative insulations
  • Wide range of glazing up to 48 mm for the use of modern triple glazing or special functional windows
  • The fastening of the mechanisms and countersinks is done through multiple walls with additional material in the main load zones and with special screws
  • Anti-burglary protection. Resistance class up to RC 2 (WK 2). Designed for anti-burglary mechanisms