Doors Ε532

Doors Ε532


Panel series E2000 combines excellent way of construction and flexible design, with a wide variety variety of designs and crystals, such as aluminum safety cast, colored glasses, vitro and Kaiti styles in colors gold, inox and white, covering all the aesthetic and structural requirements.

E2000 Panels are designed to offer low-cost solutions, offering high thermal and sound insulation.


  • Modern design
  • Wide selection of glasses
  • Double glazing
  • Fused* glazing with inox for extra resistance and high aesthetics
  • Cast aluminium security for extra protection
  • Multiple designs option
  • Certified powder coating and wood imitation shades
  • Maintenance free
* Each FUSED glass is unique due to its handmade special procedure. 
The colors that appear on the monitor may be different from the final application.
  • Aluminium Sheet Thickness: 1 mm
  • Total Panel Thickness: 23-24 mm
  • Frame Detachment from Panel Surface: 50,02 Pa/mm²
  • Sheet Detachment from Insulation Material: 0,488 N/mm²
  • Thermal Resistance Coefficient: RD=m² * K/W=0.55
  • Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: λd=W/M * K=0.035